Help the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Dear Friends,

The Japanese Folk Dance Institute of New York, Inc. expresses our deepest sympathies for the victims of the recent earthquake in Japan. We hope and pray for a quick recovery. I know that many of you, including myself are in shock over this incredible tragedy.

The JFDI introduces Americans to Japanese culture through folk dance. In particular, our repertoire involves many dances from the Tohoku region, the area most heavily damaged by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami. The JFDI has a strong and important connection to this region of Japan. After September 11, when many Japanese would not travel to NYC , 35 members of the Yamagata Buyodan visited the city, filling us with their energetic spirit. In 2008, the NY Hanagaskai shipped off to Yamagata to participate in the Yamagata Hangasa Parade. Our connections to this part of Japan are many, and our responsibility to aid them during this difficult time is undeniable.

In order to support the earthquake victims, we have begun a relief drive. I ask for your participation in this important cause. If we can raise even $1 for the relief effort, we believe that it will be a tremendous aid. The money we collect will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross through the Yamagata Shimbun, an organization that has given us much assistance in spreading Japanese folk dance throughout NYC. 100% of all monies will be donated to the effort.

All amounts are welcome. Even the smallest amount can help buy one roll of toilet paper, one blanket, or even one liter of oil. All staples are scarce in these affected regions. Please help us with our relief drive to get Japan back on its feet and dancing!

Make a check payable to the Japanese Folk Dance Institute of New York, Inc.

With memo line: Japan Disaster Relief Fund
Send to: The Japanese Folk Dance Institute of New York, Inc.
568 Grand Street, J-1206
New York, NY 10002

JFDI is a 501(c) (3) Non-profit organization. Donations of $50 or more will receive a letter detailing the amount and purpose of the donation for tax purposes.

Momo Suzuki

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