About Us

The Japanese Folk Dance Institute of N.Y. Inc. was formed by Momo Suzuki in 1992.

The purpose of our organization is to research, promote, and keep alive interest in the traditional folk dances of Japan. Our primary function is the performing, teaching, and preserving of those authentic dances, performed by the ordinary working people of Japan. To us, it is dance with the sweat and sweetness of life, itself!

Presently, the Japanese Folk Dance Institute consists of two performing groups; Minbuza, a professional group whose purpose is to perform folk dances from around Japan, and Hanagasa kai (Flower Hat Dance Group), an open group of all ages and nationalities, which performs and parades the Bon-Odori at festivals and other events.

Our Director – Momo Suzuki

Momo Suzuki is a traditional Japanese Folk Dancer and founder/director of the Japanese Folk Dance Institute of New York,Inc. She has been performing and teaching Japanese folk dance in the U.S. and Japan for more then 40 years. With her company, Ms. Suzuki has performed at various festivals and cultural events. As a solo performer, she has performed at Asian Night at Shea Stadium, the  Metropolitan Museum of Art and Carnege Weill Recital Hall. Using her extensive knowledge and experience in the performing arts, she has served as technical advisor and choreographer at Pokemon’s 10th Anniversary Celebration in NYC, the movie “Winter Butterfly”directed by Marcus Tozini, and the Caron Eule dance company’s stageproduction of “The Crane Wife”. Her expertise covers the costumes, makeup and movement inherent in all eras of Japanese history.

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